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Oklahoma's Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filing Source. Serving Oklahoma City & Surrounding Areas.

The Law Offices of Marty D. Martin

Cost & Fees


Court Filing Fees

These are the fees charged by the Bankruptcy Court and go to the Bankruptcy Court for the cost of administering your case.

Chapter 7:   $306.00
Chapter 13: $281.00

Attorney Fees:

Attorneys fees can vary widely, even within the same city. My advice is to call around and simply ask how much an attorney charges. I can usually give someone a quote over the phone with just a few simple questions. If an attorney is unable or unwilling to give you a quote over the phone then they might realize that their rates aren't competitive and doesn't want to lose potential clients by blowing them out with there prices over the phone. I am proud of my rates and my service and don't mind sharing them with anyone that calls me (405) 255-2380 or EMAILS me.




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