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oklahomacitybankruptcyattorneySignificant changes in the federal bankruptcy laws were enacted in 2005. However, many people misunderstand these laws and think that filing bankruptcy is not available any longer due to the misleading information about what these changes mean to the average American. Bankruptcy is still available as a remedy for most Oklahomans.
Located in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma we serve clients throughout the Oklahoma City Metro area and throughout the state of Oklahoma. We encourage our clients to come into the office so we can meet for an initial free consultation, although, most of the bankruptcy filing process can be accomplished entirely by phone and through the mail. You do not need to be physically present except for a brief meeting with me and the trustee assigned to your case. This meeting called the meeting of creditors will all of about 5 minutes. Call us today at (405) 595-6232 to begin the bankruptcy process.

Filing For Bankruptcy in Oklahoma is a big decision but really easy to do with the right Oklahoma Attorney
More than one million American bankruptcy petitions are filed each year. Bankruptcy can be a huge gift to struggling Oklahomans and Oklahoma Families. The only "hard" part if you will is gathering the necessary documents needed for your bankrutpcy petition. Those are generally:

(1) 6 months of payrecords showing you income for the period, year to date and all the deductions for insurance, taxes, etc.

(2) 6 months of statements for all bank accounts. You can usually have your bank print these off or you can use your banks online resources.

(3) Titles to all vehicles owned.

(4) A deed to your house showing the legal description.

(5) Tax returns for the previous 2 years.

(6) A detailed list of your normal monthly expenses.

Once you have these documents you will meet with a licensed Oklahoma Attorney who specializes in Bankruptcy and you can have your case filed within 3 to 5 days. Its that easy. If you are tired of the threatening phone calls, letters from creditors demanding money you don't have, the stress of knowing that you just can't make things work the way they are then come and see me.

For more information, or to discuss your situation with an experienced Oklahoma City bankruptcy lawyer, contact us today to arrange your initial consultation. Click here for a free bankruptcy evaulation.





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