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When choosing a bankruptcy attorney it is important to consider the commitment of the lawyer. I am a licensed Oklahoma City Bankruptcy Attorney and take very seriously the legal needs of all Oklahomans. This website contains information regarding Oklahoma bankruptcy law and will assist the reader in determining if they can and/or should file bankruptcy. This site will give information on the bankruptcy process in general and to help assessment of an individual or family's financial situation if bankruptcy or an alternative plan would be best suited to their needs.

Bankruptcy Attorney Oklahoma City

The New Bankruptcy Law went into effect on October 17, 2005. Many people think that this law has the effect of precluding them from filing bankruptcy. The fact is that the law only precludes certain individuals or families making a relatively high annual income from filing for Chapter 7. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is still available for the average individual or family. Moreover, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is still available to those who do not otherwise qualify for Chapter 7. It is critical to consult with an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney in Oklahoma who has practiced bankruptcy law for many years and understands all the nuances and can properly interpret the changes in the laws as they occur. In fact, bankruptcy laws have a tendency to change often and it is important to seek an attorney who keeps up with ever-changing case law. It has been my experience that many of my clients who came into the process believing that they would not qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy ended up being able to file Chapter 7 when all of their expenses and situations were properly analyzed.

Oklahoma Bankruptcy AttorneyAnother common misconception or fear that I have seen is the fear of losing of a house, automobile, tools of trade and household belongings or keepsakes when filing bankruptcy. The fact is Oklahoma Law is very liberal in its exemptions of such property in bankruptcy. In other words, under Oklahoma Law, in most cases you will not lose these things. It is vital to consult an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney in Oklahoma who can analyze and apply Oklahoma Law to your situation. There is also a common fear or perhaps reservation many people have regarding bankruptcy, especially among Oklahomans. That reservation is engrained in Oklahoman's character. The Desire to Pay Back What they owe! What I would say to that is this. Even the most determined, the well-intended & the most honest of us simply cannot withstand credit card interest rates that top 23% and the ridiculous fees and penalties that they charge. The government has made bankruptcy relief to its citizens not merely out of charity. It is vitally important to the economy of the United States that its hard-working citizens get back on their feet and become good public servants, doctors, truck drivers, nurses etc. again. Keep this in mind when determining your need for relief . . . your family, Country and Community is counting on you to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and get back on your feet. Bankruptcy just might be the best solution for you right now. This site has pages explaining the two most common types of banruptcy available to individuals, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. I encourage you to read these pages to get a background to the process.

I am a licensed Bankruptcy Attorney in Oklahoma City and will focus on your case first and foremost from the beginning to the end. Our practice specializes in consumer bankruptcy and consumer debt defense. From the first phone call to the end we will focus on you and your case as if you are our only client.

Our firm handles cases throughout Oklahoma in all three of the Federal Bankruptcy Courts. From Guymon to Idabel, Miami to Altus, we can assist you in this difficult decision. Please call my office today for a free bankruptcy consultation, either in my office or by telephone - (405) 233-0623


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